This foundation is raised on 5 February 2013 to keep the technical heritage of the German constructors Friedel Münch and Helmut Fath and other people who were involved alive. The foundation achieves her goal by doing worldwide investigation to the history of the constructors involved. On a regular base we visit so-called time witnesses, like former employees. We gather a lot of information by this research. To save research material like drawing, images, and audio recordings is one of our goals. The digital archive of the foundation Münch by Meesters, can be seen as one of the largest in its kind. It contains thousands of pictures and documents out of the Münch-Fath history. But also hundreds of reproductions of drawings out of the archives of Friedel Münch, Helmut Fath, Peter Kuhn and Hans H. Hartman. On request this material can be used for restoration purposes for Münch and URS motorcycles. With the help of our information, several motorcycles are restored back to the original form. But we also strive to find out how every Münch has left the factory. We have a comprehensive archive, but new information is more than welcome. To keep the history of both constructors alive, we strive to publish every year an article in a magazine. Driving force behind the foundation is Erik Meesters. At the age of 11 he saw his first Münch motorcycle. His fascination for this brand lasts till this day. The years of journalistic research and the gathering of much material has resulted in the raise of the foundation Münch by Meesters.

Erik Meesters
Anouk IJland
Annette Meesters van den Berg

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