At this moment we are working on the English version of Mit Herz und Seele. This edition will be completed with new astonishing material which was never published before. In this version we will publish rarely known work of Friedel Münch he did in the fifties. We also reveal new information about Floyd Clymer, George McCulloch Bell and others who were involved. Completed with unknown drawings and rare pictures, this book will become the most complete work ever written about Münch and Fath. The manuscript has been translated and at this moment Peter van Ek is editing it. We are looking for sponsors to make the edition possible. We strive to make 750 copies. We consider the extra release of a limited edition. Feel free to contact us as a sponsor and people who have interest in an English edition can call in already. We put them on our order list. We strive to do all the work this year, so we can emit the book With Heart & Soul, the history of Friedel Münch and Helmut Fath in 2017.


The passing of Friedel Münch has inspired my friend, the artist Peter Kalkowsky, to create a remarkable piece of work. With a characteristic picture as example, he made a printing of Friedel Münch, riding a Münch Mammoth. This piece of art is a good example of the craftsmanship of Peter Kalkowsky and I am delighted that I received the first copy! It is a 3 colour woodcut 30 x 30 cm and is printed on Johannot paper (240 g/m2), limited to only 22 pieces. For the price of € 140,00 you can order an original print (inclusive post and package within EU-countries). You can order directly from the artist Peter Kalkowsky via his website There only a few copies left/available.


On 7 September 2013, author Erik Meesters offered the first book of Mit Herz und Seele to Friedel Münch in Altenstadt.

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Photo’s of the bookpresentation in Warnsveld on September 22nd 2013.

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