This foundation has been established to keep alive the technical heritage of Friedel Münch and Helmut Fath . These two most acclaimed designers of the German sports motorcycle history had one thing in common; their motorcycles had to be amongst the fastest in the world. They did everything in their power in order to achieve their goal. Münch’s efforts eventually led to the creation of the world’s first superbike, the Münch Mammoth. His handmade motorcycles, to this day, still make a huge impression. Fath dedicated almost his whole life to the creation of engines for competitive motorcycling. He built several renowned engines, and in 1968, using his most acclaimed URS engine, Fath won the 500 cc Sidecar World Championship. There were others involved in their remarkable careers; the German Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Kuhn; the Americans Joseph Floyd Clymer and George McCulloch Bell, their stories also need to be told.

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In 2013 the foundation ‘Münch by Meesters’ published, in German, the book ‘Mit Herz und Seele’ (With Heart and Soul), a complete history of Friedel Münch and Helmut Fath. In September 2021 the version in English will become available, ‘The Pursuit of Perfection, The stories of Friedel Münch & Helmut Fath’. The Foundation is currently engaged on completing a book featuring every type of Münch motorcycle, from 250 to 2000 cc, which Friedel Münch ever built. The intention is to include all the known technical information, details, frame numbers and the years of manufacture. We already have a substantial amount of information but we’d like the cooperation of every owner to share the details and features of their ‘Münch’ with us, so as to make the book as complete as possible. We want your help, but it may be that we can help you? If you have any questions about your Münch-motorcycle please contact us, we’d like to hear from you.

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